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The Wallis Family And Crew

A Focus On Family & Respect For This Sacred Land

For the past sixteen years, the Wallis brothers and friends have visited the property to hunt, hike and explore the surroundings. Adam Wallis decided to follow his lifelong dream of working on the ranch and continuing the legacy of the Klick family. Adam was born and raised in the small town of Cuba, Missouri and has a true passion for hunting, fishing and horseback riding. Adam, his three siblings, and his mother work together in their family business and on their farm in Cuba. Emily is also a native Missourian, has a bachelor in elementary education and a masters in counseling. She has spent previous years teaching elementary school, working with non for profits, and currently helps run operations at the K Bar L.

We are enjoying this ranch life with our three children, Lillie (18), Noah (17), and Molly (13) who help us all year round.  We are thrilled to have the opportunity to welcome old and new friends to the K BAR L. We will continue to pursue our mission to provide an incredible experience for our guests to enjoy the beautiful outdoors as we maintain the beauty of the land and history of the ranch. We, along with our crew want you to feel right at home here at the K BAR L. You are part of our family now and we have no doubt that you will continue to visit us time and time again.

Please make us aware of any special needs, wants, or desires so that we can make your vacation perfect for you. We are honored to be your hosts and hope you enjoy this beautiful land as much as we do.

Adam W

Adam has always had a passion for the outdoors, horses, and hunting. This makes him the best boss! His passion shines through at the ranch and you can tell he is really doing what he loves! 

Emily W

Emily is truly a light at the ranch. Her smile and laugh is contagious. She is the best homemaker and also makes a chocolate chip cookie to brag about. She makes the K Bar L feel like home!

Lillie W

Sweet Lillie can do it all! Her hard work does not go unnoticed. If you have a converstion with lille she is sure to bring a smile to your face. If she isnt at the ranch working she is reining horses in her off time! 

Noah W
Maintenance/Guide in Training

Noah is the ultimate handy man! He will keep you laughing with his quick wit and sense of humor. He is the best at holding himself and everyone accountable! 

Molly W

There is no one else you would rather have serve you breakfast! Molly plays a huge role at the ranch and has glowing reviews! She is the best person to see in the morning or after a long day! 

Claudia J
General Manager

Claudia has been at the ranch since the beginning. You can find her in the kitchen or cleaning cabins. She will help make your stay as comfortable as possible!

Alec S

Alec loves being in Montana and working at the ranch. He enjoys doing pack trips, hunting and fishing in the back country. We are greatful for Alec and all he does for us in season and in the off season. 

Cheri H

Cheri has learned most of her chef skills from her grandma and boy are we thankful! She will knock some delicious meals or treats out quickly! 

Cody E

Cody was born and raised hunting. He was meant to be a guide and we love hearing all of his stories. If he isnt at the ranch guiding elk hunts he is fishing, coon hunting, deer hunting or turkey hunting. 

RaeLynn B

You will find RaeLynn in the kitchen making delicious meals during hunting season. She is a joy to be around and is so quick in the kitchen! 

West T

The K Bar L is lucky to have West. He has a great work ethic and a sense of humor. In his off time he is an expert trapper. If you have him as a guide you are sure to get a good laugh in. 

Franky E

Franky loves hunting, fishing and people. He is going to be a great addition to the crew. He has dreamt about working at the K Bar L ever since his brother (Cody) started at the ranch. 

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