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Fly Fishing

World Class Fishing Just Steps From Your Cabin

Fly Fishing is one of the compelling recreational ‘magnets’ of the K Bar L.

Anglers enjoy a paradise of piscatorial delights at their doorstep, given that the north and south forks of the Sun River converge at the Ranch.

Both forks of the Sun River flow out of the Bob Marshall up slope from the Ranch. These relatively untouched rivers produce legendary fishing stories and epic days holding a bent rod.  Your cheeks will hurt from smiling and your voice will go horse from yelling!  Few places on earth will touch a fisherman’s heart like the waters surrounding the K Bar L.

As the mountains scratch the sky and jostle for position, you will ride out between them following the smell of river mint and the sound of pristine water flowing into fish laden pools.  Using your unparalleled “fish sense” you will choose your destination and prepare for a fishing day of epic proportions.  Choosing the right fly and tying it on is no easy feat as the sound of rising trout echo in your ears making your fingers treble with anticipation.  With perfect pools and tempting log jams calling you around every bend, let your inner child guide you ever deeper into wilderness as you attempt to satisfy your quest for the perfect spot.  At the end of a deeply satisfying and even spiritual day of fishing, we retreat to the ranch for delicious meal and an evening of fish stories around the fire.  Like no place on earth, it will touch your soul.

There are an abundance of Trout to catch just right outside your cabin these include: Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Grayling Trout and, Brook Trout. 

 We recommend several different flies and patterns to use at the K Bar L:

  • Royal Wulff

  • Yellow Humpy

  • H and L Variant

  • Parachute Adams

  • Purple Parachute

  • Madam X

  • Stimulator in sizes 14-16

  • Several hopper patterns are also excellent to have in your bag sizes 10-14.  

 For wet flies:

  • Bead Head Hares Ear Flashback sizes 14-16

  • Bead Head Prince Nymph

  •  Don’t forget every angler needs their secret weapon and that is up to you to decide!

Summer Rates 2024

$3,500 Per Person (6 Days)