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Pack Trips/Drop Camps

Unbridled Adventure

How a Pack Trip Works:

Plan a 6 day pack trip (one night at the ranch) to the famous Chinese wall!  All your meals, tents, and equipment are brought with you by mule and set up each day on location. This trip costs $3500 per person.  If you have always wanted to experience Montana’s back country, these adventures are for you!


How Summer Drop Camps Work:

You will arrive at trail head with all necessary components to set up your own camp and stay for your decided duration. The K Bar L can provide camping equipment for you at additional cost. We pack you and all of your gear into a predetermined campsite on a predetermined date, drop you and your gear off, and return on the scheduled pick-up date to return you, your gear, and your game to the trail head. These drops can be four to sixteen days, based on your party’s discretion. Dates and specific location must be decided and agreed on at the time of reservation. We will help you pick the right spot for your specific adventure! Please book before April prior to your summer vacation.

If you are seeking a Montana summer vacation that is a camping trip off the beaten path then you may want to consider a drop camp.

Cost:  $250 per animal/guide per day. We load our mules 60-80 pounds per side. Bulk items must be considered.

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