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Where is the K BAR L located?

The ranch is located closest to Augusta, Montana and the closest airport is less than two hours away. The guest ranch is nestled where the North and South Forks of the Sun River meet. It sits adjacent to the world famous Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. The ranch is approximately seven miles beyond the nearest road.

How do I get to the KBARL?

In the Spring and early Summer, the ranch is accessible by boat from the Gibson Reservoir. Once the lake pool lowers from irrigation draw downs, boat access is not possible. However, the long-established and well maintained Sun River trail provides three season access by foot or horseback over the seven miles of National Forest lands from the end of the paved road at the lower end of the Gibson to the ranch. The ranch is also accessible anytime by helicopter with an adequate landing site on the grounds of the property.

What weather should I expect at the ranch?

You can expect a major temperature change from the mornings to afternoon to nighttime. The weather in Montana is as varied as its landscape. Spring temperatures range from freezing cold days with snow to warm sunshine. The beginning of June does provide some rainfall and it begins to warm as the flowers bloom. June and July average temperatures are 70’s and low 80’s during the day and cool in the evenings from 40’s to 50’s. We highly suggest bringing layers as you will require the use of them and have the ability to peel them off when the temperature warms. We provide a buck stove in each cabin to keep you warm for those chilly evenings. August is consistently the warmest month ranging from 75-85 during the days and cooling to the 50’s at night. Fall tends to cool down fast with snow possible into the winter months. Montana winters vary but we usually expect a great amount of snowfall in the mountains with temperatures ranging from 30’s to negative temps.

What should I pack?

Pack list for Summer Guests

  • Rain boots
  • rain coat
  • hat (sun and rain protection)
  • insect repellent
  • sunscreen
  • fishing equipment (optional)
  • cowboy boots
  • hiking shoes
  • socks
  • flashlight/batteries
  • camera
  • layers (jacket, wraps, sweaters)
  • personal toiletries (shampoo, conditioners, soaps) We do provide these items as well
  • swimsuit for the Medicine Springs
  • jeans *personal water bottle
  • fishing license (available in Augusta)
  • personal medications –please notify owners if you use prescription drugs or have medical issues.
  • special diet or food preferences/dislikes (please make us aware when you make your reservations so we can accommodate you)

Hunting Equipment List

  • coat
  • set of rain gear
  • plenty of wool socks
  • insulated long underwear
  • long sleeve wool and light shirts
  • pants (wool)
  • sturdy boots and waterproof
  • hiking boots
  • personal toiletries
  • archery/firearms and sufficient ammunition
  • personal canteen or water bottle
  • binoculars
  • small flashlight with extra batteries
  • sharp knife
  • camera and necessary equipment
  • hard case for bow
  • REQUIRED UNDER MONTANA LAW- Hunters Orange Jacket/Vest- must contain no less than 400 sq inches of orange

Is it true that there is no internet and cell phone service?

Yes, it’s true. We are located 7 miles from the nearest road and one of the beauties of this ranch is that you can truly disconnect from everything and re connect with yourself, your spouse, family and/or nature. We do have a land line available for emergencies.

Are there restrooms and showers at the ranch?

In the summer months our restrooms and showers are available outside the cabins with plush robes and towels provided as well. We have a variety of soaps, shampoos, and conditioners available in the restrooms. At the KBARL we create our own electricity, which provides plug-ins in each cabin. We do not suggest bringing hair dryers as our hydro system cannot support them.

Are tax and gratuities included in the cost of the KBARL rates?

Tax and gratuities are not included.  The staff at KBARL is here to serve our guests and assist in anything you need. Acknowledgment of their service can be rewarded in the form of gratuity at the end of your visit. Rewarding the staff’s service contributes to the entire team of hard workers. We are often asked what is an appropriate amount to give and we suggest 20%, which is recommended but not required.

Do you accommodate special dietary restrictions?

Our kitchen is able to handle most dietary needs. If you have a food allergy please inform us as soon as possible so we can do our best to meet your needs.

Do you have an onsite gift shop?

We have a new gift shop located inside the main lodge. We sell apparel, hats, and various fun/necessary items you may desire while at the ranch.

How is this ranch different from all other ranches?

The KBARL Ranch is unique in many aspects. Our Medicine Springs, the hidden gem of our property, offers a much needed relief for visitors that travel through the KBARL. The sulfur springs flow into a pool structure, which allows a soothing place to swim and soak in the astounding view of the South Fork heading towards Bear Creek. The Springs also provide the source of water needed to run the hydro electric system and produce electricity for the camp.

Does the ranch allow guests to bring pets?

No, we do not allow guests to bring pets to our ranch.

Does the ranch welcome children and families?

We welcome children and families to visit over the age of five. We suggest that the children be at an age where they are comfortable hiking, horse back riding, and fishing. Young children and infants are not encouraged to visit.

How far is the KBARL from the nearest hospital?

The nearest hospital is located in Great Falls, however, access is challenging. Pack all the medication you may need and please contact your physician with any concerns before travel. Many of our employees are CPR/First Aid Certified.

Where do I go to get a fishing license and hunting license?

You may obtain a hunting license from the Montana Fish and Game, Wildlife, and Parks website. The website is listed here to apply for your hunting license. You can also find fishing license available on the website.

If you are buying a Big Game Combo that includes your fishing license as well.


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