Wrangler & Cowboy in the Bob Marshall Wilderness - Clayton Alexander

Thu Jul 12 2018 (51:51)

Recorded on horseback in the heart of the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana. Clayton is a cowboy and wrangler for the K bar L Ranch (established in 1927) located where the North and South Fork of the Sun River meet. Clayton holds the microphone in the same hand holding the reins of his horse as the other holds a pack mule carrying fly fishing gear & cold beer. Clayton talks about why he is an advocate for bear spray, why it's important to spend time outside, why mules are amazing creatures & why he lives everyday to its fullest potential. Clayton was born blind and after four surgeries and daily eye drops and medication he can see again but doctors tell him that by the time he is in his 50s he will go blind. Clayton is a beautiful soul who encourages everyone to be kind to one another & never take vision or your health for granted. This is a great interview recorded on the back of a horse and in the tall grass on the edge of the river in the hear of the "Bob". Yeeehaw!