Growing up on the Historic K BAR L Ranch in the Bob Marshall Wilderness of Montana.

Thu Nov 22 2018 (44:20)

This interview was recorded on location at the confluence of the North and South Forks of the Sun River. There you will discover hot springs, long used by Indians for their healing properties. Wild game was abundant and land and breathtaking surroundings. This interview spotlights two young girls, Molly (8) & Lillie (13) Wallis, who have been coming to the ranch their entire lives. The Wallis family own the ranch now & the two young girls spend their summer riding horses, fishing, hunting & doing fun chores around the ranch. They will tell you what it's like to grow up in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, how to explore grizzly bear country safely, how to survive in the wilderness, how to properly prepare for an adventure in Montana & why it's so important to get outside and away from technology!

Long used by Indians, pioneers, trappers, and loggers, Medicine Springs (as the hot springs were known) became the province of the Klick family in 1927. Three generations of Klicks have developed the property as a guest ranch, hauling in the building materials by boat and mule train to establish guest quarters, lodge, corrals, outbuildings and hot springs swimming pool. The ranch is now owned and operated by the Wallis family. Its remote location “beyond all roads” as the owners often say, the creature comforts afforded by clean and potable water, electricity to run basic lighting, refrigeration, and appliance operation are impressive.